Cierre Childers

Cierre Childers


We look at each other and see skin before the face

When they’re black they’re too scary

When they’re white they’re too privileged

We all have a burden to carry

The people who only see skin

walk around undisciplined

It takes our voice away

We don’t speak out,

we have nothing to say

Time to take control

Time to love yourself as a whole

Take your voice back

Let it shine in the world

Doesn’t matter if your white or black

This isn’t a dreamworld

You are who you are

Don’t ever need to change

You are the shining star

It may seem strange

But one voice can lead to more

The more the better chance of getting heard

Getting heard gives us all the opportunity to make a difference

No longer labeling each other due to the color of our skin

Because at the end of the day we’re all kin.

Black History
Black History
Girl with Vines
Girl with Vines

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Cierre Childers
About Cierre Childers

Ms. Cierre Childers is a brilliant, brave, beautiful artist and poet who is talented and loves the art of visual and poetic expression. She uses her various perspectives and experiences to help challenge and inspire us to imagine what a great world this would be if we all focused more on making a positive difference in the lives of others instead of labeling folk by the color of their skin, because as she said in Hazel, "at the end of the day, we're all kin."