Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

A grassroots social justice organization is working to deepen our Just Transition work—to reimagine what a just, sustainable, and anti-racist Kentucky will look like, and what it will take.

The idea for this art show emerged from a group of KFTC members who have been working together to deepen our understanding of Just Transition, climate justice, and racial justice. We want to ensure that our vision is committed to racial justice, and that we confront and address past harms in order to prevent replicating them

To shape a Just Transition, we know we need liberated imaginings, ideas that reach beyond the expectations and limitations we’ve been taught. So we invited help from Kentucky’s creative community – knowing that art, literature, music, and more can help us expand to more complete and creative ways ot thinking, seeing, and problem solving. Through this virtual art exhibit, we hope to emerge with new, inspiring, and expansive ways to communicate  about Just Transition in Kentucky. 

We invited artists of all genres to submit work that addresses any of the following questions:

What’s your vision for a Just Transition to a just, sustainable, anti-racist future for Kentucky?

What’s your radical imagination of the world we should be working to create? What does the experience of transition look like, sound like, feel like, smell like, taste like? Who, how, why?

How have you experienced joy, hurt, growth or harm within KFTC's work for a Just Transition?

To build trust and power together, we need and welcome reflections on what is or has been beautiful or hurtful, where we’ve shown up well or poorly, and where we need to attend, repair and heal.

What would our relationship with the environment and each other be if we were free from white supremacy and scarcity?

What imagination and aspirations does this question provoke for you? How could our relationships transform if we were free?

We deeply appreciate the artists who responded with creativity, love, raw honesty, and provocative vision. And we are honored to be able to share their offerings with you and to support ongoing conversations about the future we are building together. 

KFTC commits to feed the ideas and stories reflected in these works back into our Just Transition revisioning process and our broader organizing strategy.

Get Involved

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth is a grassroots, member run, social justice organization.

We are working for a day when Kentuckians – and all people – enjoy a better quality of life.

When the lives of people and communities matter before profits.

When our communities have good jobs that support our families without doing damage to the water, air, and land.

When companies and the wealthy pay their share of taxes and can’t buy elections.

When all people have health care, shelter, food, education, and other basic needs.

When children are listened to and valued.

When discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits, and hearts.

And when the voices of ordinary people are heard and respected in our democracy.

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We invite you to use this survey to share your own story, your reactions to this art project, and/or your vision for a Just Transition in Kentucky. We genuinely seek to learn from your experiences – good and bad – with KFTC, and invite thoughtful and critical feedback.