Jeff Richey

Jeff Richey

Madison County

The Clear Creek Congregation

"The Clear Creek Congregation" is a song that was inspired by the creative, eclectic, and resilience community gathered around the historic Clear Creek Schoolhouse in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Like the community that inspired its creation, the song emphasizes the value of Kentucky's natural beauty, musical traditions, and human connections as vital resources for enabling our Commonwealth and our country to move through and past despair in an era of political division, pandemic illness, and racial injustice.

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About Jeff Richey

Jeff Richey is a songwriter, bassist, and singer who writes and performs original music with The JRE, a quintet of seasoned folk, jazz, and rock musicians based in Berea, Kentucky. With The JRE, he has released eight albums of original music since 2014, with a ninth, The Clear Creek Congregation, due out in February 2021. When he is not making music, he is a professor at Berea College, a board member at the Berea Arts Council, and a local music advocate with Electric Berea.