Barbara J.M. Pollock

Barbara J.M. Pollock

Warren County

How Can We Overcome

Artist Statement: My inspiration comes from my Mother, Annie Elizabeth! She was a woman of Lofty, inspirational and eloquently delivered words with a profound message and call for action! If I could ever offer a snippet on her level I would be most gracious. My only regret is our failure to capture her words onto paper, keystrokes, or recorded into a book, despite our efforts.

My inner Annie Elizabeth wheels turned first from a desire to contribute to our KFTC, With Love Kentucky, Creative Resistance at our State Capitol, March 16, 2021. Then the desire was whipped into development once the veil was removed upon day break and on my commuting journey to work. These ideas were spoken into my phone for dictation along the journey. Then further marinated into a piece speaking in disappointment of the dismantling of our democracy, lack of progress, and continued need to overcome!

How can we overcome, while our democracy is perishing before our very eyes! 

How can we overcome, when across this unUnited States there is fast tracking by any means necessary to suppress the right to vote! 

How can we overcome when Breonna's Law- HB21, which was prefiled in August 2020, was merely in committee for discussion the very end of the legislative session 

How can we overcome when our freedom of speech is being threatened to be muffled if caught not speaking nicely - HB 211 

How can we overcome when we refuse HB-232 to bring people back into the fold as full citizens in restoring their right to vote but instead further penalize them with denial. 

How can we overcome when the least of our brothers and sisters are being penalized in a pandemic and the period to follow of getting on their feet - HB272 

How can we overcome when proposed medical practices will discriminate against patients - SB83 

How can we Overcome? 

How Shall We overcome? 

When Will We Overcome? 

We will! 

We Shall! 

We must! …. 

Overcome Together !!! 

Resolution to these issues WILL be continued…..

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Barbara J.M. Pollock
About Barbara J.M. Pollock

I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Middle Child, Niece, Cousin, Auntie, and the Proud Nana of 7 Amazing Grandchildren. I am an Advocator, Motivator, Peace Maker, and sometimes an Agitator to reach the desired goal. I am a Master Level Social Worker, Community Organizer, Employee of the Federal Government, Dreamer, and Change Agent.